Started in a Gothenburg kitchen by two friends, Glug is a warm wine with an infusion of spices based on the traditional Scandinavian recipe of glögg. Once a medieval tipple, Glögg has enjoyed a recent resurgence in Europe and co-founders, Jelena and Sara, saw an opportunity to take their much loved family recipe to market.

Mulled wine and glögg packaging is often associated with more festive, traditional designs. Therefore, the challenge was to create a visually disruptive brand that reflected the contemporary version of the founders recipe and engaged a younger audience.

When pouring the wine the anticipating sound of the ‘glug, glug, glug...’ can be heard and so the brand name was born, which suitably paired with the sound of its founding recipe glögg. Using the curvaceous, hollow shape of the ‘g’, a ripple like pattern was created to emulate the warming syrup like texture of the wine. The vibrant colour palette and minimalist design nodded to the Scandinavian design aesthetic and reinvented a traditional product for a contemporary occasion today.

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