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Materialix is an innovative creative material that is durable yet flexible. It is a long lasting nylon that can be used for creative activities. We created the brand identity and packaging design.  Our Revolution is a strategic packaging design agency based in Sydney.


Materialix is a start up founded in the UK on a passion for making creative materials. 
The founders discovered a polymer that is as strong as Nylon, but can be melted in hot water too. Realising that this material could be very practical for the everyday household as well as creative pursuits, Materialix began to focus its efforts on perfecting the product. 

The final result is a non-toxic Polydoh, high quality, biodegradeable nylon-like plastic that can be softened in 62°C and shaped by hand. Once set, it can last forever, but can also be melted multiple times, dyed, painted and drilled, making it a durable yet flexible material to work with.

Materialix Polydoh is sold exclusively through their website and Amazon so the challenge was to create a brand and packaging design that could be distinctive when viewed as small thumbnail images and communicate the benefits of the product on the smallest mobile device, to cater to the increasing preference of shopping online through mobiles.

The additional challenge for this project was ensuring that the packaging design could live across multiple formats as the product comes in a range of different formats and sizes.  

The polydough initials were used as a key design element. The typography is created by coloured forms moulding together to reflect the use of the product. The distinct colourful characters created cut through when viewing the product in a small thumbnail against competitor products online.

A subtle pattern lives in the background featuring the familiar forms moulding together. The intent of the pattern is to become a brand asset whilst also allowing for flexibility in application to other pack formats.

The dark navy brand colour was chosen to disrupt against the other predominately white brands. Again, its visual stand out online was imperative and the deep rich navy colour provided a stark contrast against the white photo thumbnail backgrounds

Ultimately, the polydough material is used to bring creative ideas to life. It is a product filled with potential and is only limited by the imagination of its user. Therefore the design of the brand and packaging needed to move beyond the stereotypical bland DIY design execution. To enhance this further we created supportive promotional imagery that uses the material in its raw form as typographical words inspired by the colour and future possibilities of the product.