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Packaging Design For E-Commerce
Foodpreneur Brands: Why are you here?

It wasn’t too long ago when many dreamt of launching their own food or drink brand, whether it was a secret family recipe for a pasta sauce or a home kitchen muesli creation, these dreams were once left as such. Yet with our growing food obsession and thirst for offbeat food and drink experiences, these dreams are increasingly being turned into a reality.

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Changing Digital Ad Road Blocks Into Speed Bumps

The last decade has seen many brands turn their marketing budgets and focus on to digital channels due to the amount of opportunities and the ability to reach so many people. However, with all the attention focused on reaching consumers through content and services, the most important factor has been neglected: user experience.

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Leveraging Social Channels to Create Brand Ambassadors

Successful brands understand the importance of connecting with their consumers; they understand that developing a connection fosters loyalty and creates repeat purchases and brand ambassadors. Although most brands aim to do this, many fall short. In an age where the majority of people are digitally connected throughout their day, brands need to use the tools around them to engage their consumers; after all they are the most valuable asset.

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