Helping Bodie'z
Raise Their Game

  • Brand Strategy & Positioning
  • Brand Identity
  • Portfolio Architecture
  • Bottle Structure
  • Packaging Design Suite

Bodie'z engaged Our Revolution to revitalise their brand. In order to successfully enter new markets and continue to grow in existing ones, the challenge was to reinvent the Bodie'z brand to truly reflect their progressive beverage offerings.


We created a new brand essence - ‘Unlocking human potential’, repositioning Bodie'z as the challenger brand to the larger FMCG offerings such as Gatorade. We gave the Bodie'z masterbrand new ownable brand assets to build recognition with consumers, along with new dynamic packaging design that clearly communicates key product benefits.

The large unique brand marque locked up with a bold electric blue stripe cuts through the surrounding clutter on retail shelves, whilst giving a distinctive identity to extend to other touchpoints.

Unique qualities combined with functionality are key attributes for the packaging structure.

From insights gained through our packaging innovation workshop we created a global bottle structure for the Bodiez range that could live in multiple beverage categories.

We considered how the Bodiez brand interacts with its audience through a multi-channel point-of-view. From out of homes campaign to website and e-commerce channel, we translated the unifying brand idea to communicate consistently with consumers.