Breathing Easy With New Innovation

  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Identity Creation
  • Packaging Design Suite
  • Point of Sale
  • Brand Collateral

Nasal decongestant sprays live in a lacklustre functional category dominated by one brand, Fess. There was little disruption in the neglected category, with no distinctive benefit led brand. This new personal care brand ‘Breethe’ offered innovative new spray solutions, however, the brand needed to break category codes in order to be distinctive.


Consumers were looking to simply ‘breathe better’. When they were suffering from congestion, seeking immediate relief was their priority. Our solution was to visually articulate on pack what it feels like to ‘breathe better’, whilst clearly communicating format differences. The brand identity was designed to display the continuous loop of ‘breathing easy’.

The product benefits are further expressed on pack by visually showing the relief of decongestion. As the darker variant colours rise up through the pack, they fade to a subtle haze, revealing a clear space for the ‘Breethe’ identity.

The result was a brand and pack design that look distinctively new and different to the rest of the category and clearly communicates the consumers need.