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Our Malaysian client saw the opportunity to introduce a condom brand to the market. Focused on a younger male consumer profile, a new brand was required. The current category sat at two extremes: very sterile and functional or cliqued and overtly sexual. The challenge was to communicate the quality of the condoms while breaking category norms.


We created the brand name ‘Good Knight’ - a nod to the experience the condoms are intended for but more importantly to show that the ‘Knight’ is about protection and chivalry. The symbol of the shield is a shortcut to communicating protection with the end of the shield rounded off to signify the end of the condom.

Good Knight
Good Knight
The brand expressed a personality that was light-hearted, relatable and appealing to the younger male target audience with the undertone that using condoms was being thoughtfully prepared and a sign of confidence.
Good Knight

The brand execution is paired back and simple, avoiding any obvious category codes or cliches and helping to seperate it from competitors in market.

Good Knight
Good Knight