Diving Deep
With Hatchet

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Hatchet Fish is a craft ale produced by a Sydney microbrewery. With both a new pale and dark ale created, a brand and packaging suite was required to bring the liquid to life. The owners of the microbrewery were also keen fishing enthusiasts, and the challenge was to express their ‘fishing’ passion through authentic craft beer cues.


We created the brand name ‘Hatchet Fish’. The hatchet fish is an elusive catch that stays close to the lower depths of the ocean. We created the background of the labels in a rich, dark blue to represent the depths of the ocean where the Hatchet Fish live.

Hatchet Fish
Hatchet Fish
When close by, a captivating silver and blue light reflects off the scales of the hatchet fish, breaking the pitch-black darkness of the deep sea. Inspired by this, metallic blue and silver finishes shimmer across the label, along with embossing on the flock pattern to create a textural scale-like feel.
Hatchet Fish

There are subtle yet clear variant colours between the dark and pale ales with supporting tasting notes. The darker flock pattern cast shadows around the label as you’d expect to see from the hatchet fish hurriedly swimming by.

Hatchet Fish
Hatchet Fish