Tapping Into The High Demand For Specialist Ales

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  • Brand Narrative
  • Brand Identity
  • Packaging Design Suite
  • Brand Collateral

Amid heightened demand for specialist beers, Aldi wished to introduce a craft beer as their latest foray against the market share of its competitors. The retailer sourced a carefully selected pale ale that captured exceptional taste and quality offered at their well known affordable price. The challenge was to create a brand narrative, identity and packaging suite for this pale ale that provided credibility and authenticity.


The liquid sourced for the pale ale is a trifecta of New Zealand’s finest hops (Pacifica, Green Bullet and Dr Rudi). We created a conceptual solution inspired by the brand name North of NoWhere. With craft ales often labouring a provenance story, North of NoWhere is a witty alternative, with subtle cues of its true New Zealand origins revealed in the map in the background.

North Of Nowhere
North Of Nowhere
Craft beer cues were adopted and applied, to show a clear distinction against Aldi’s other more commercial beer offerings. From label to cap, every detail was considered to evoke the craft beer narrative as a credible offering.
North Of Nowhere

The identity, label architecture and colour navigation was designed for easy adaptation for future variant flavours to be introduced.