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Following the successful release of North of Nowhere, Aldi sourced a new pale ale with a lower ABV to join the range. The challenge was to create a new brand that had a relaxed, laid back expression that spoke to a session ale occasion. The brand needed to have a different look and feel to North of Nowhere, whilst still able to sit as part of a wider range.


To continue the theme of the range from the first edition pale ale ‘North of Nowhere’, the name ‘South of Somewhere’ was defined. This tongue-in-cheek name was supported by vivid design elements that brought to life the ‘Sunday Session’.

South Of Somewhere
South Of Somewhere
Through the brand identity and pack design we told a story that sets the scene of the ‘South of Somewhere’ ideal drinking occasion - beers over a casual Sunday afternoon sunset.
South Of Somewhere

A bold brand was created by using distinctive graphics of a sun setting over the ocean, reminiscent of old school screen-printed surfer posters.

South Of Somewhere
South Of Somewhere