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That Hippie Co. offers a range of specially formulated apple cider vinegar gut health products. The challenge was to create a brand impression that communicated an uplifting, engaging approach to gut health while remaining unique against the competitors in market.


Achieving the internal harmony of our gut-health is a complicated balance. As we researched imagery we saw a comparison to the visual of lava lamps synonymous with the hippie generation. The slow moving lava, with soft colours forming into new shapes inspired a design language that could be expressed across That Hippie Co to promote their gut health efforts.

That Hippie Co
That Hippie Co
We created a unique brand identity and packaging design that challenged health conventions and cliché category codes. Easy range extension was essential, demonstrating a cohesive family of products with a limited number of SKUs.
That Hippie Co

The masterbrand was created with the ability to extend to other alternative ingredient offerings that the brand had in its future plans.

That Hippie Co
That Hippie Co