Q&A: Alysia Sawczak, Senior Designer at Our Revolution

We’ve recently bolstered our team with Alysia Sawczak joining as Senior Creative. 

Alysia joins us with 9 years’ experience as a brand designer working across businesses such as Pernod Richard, Proctor & Gamble and Kraft. Alysia has worked on major consumer branding projects that span multiple categories, tackling complete brand overhauls. She holds a Bachelor of Applied Design and a Bachelor of Communication Design from Billy Blue Design College and is passionate about finding new creative inspirations and getting lost in the world of ideas.

We discussed with Alysia her passion for branding, the benefits of working across both global and independent businesses and what trends she’s currently following. 

As a creative, why did you gravitate towards branding, and in particular, consumer branding? 

The consumer branding landscape is constantly evolving, there are always shifts, emerging trends and new challenges to excite you. The evolving nature of the industry inspires constant growth and ultimately it’s why I find myself gravitating towards it.

You’ve worked with large, global FMCG businesses and independent brands too. Have you noticed a different approach to consumer branding between the two? 

In my experience there is definitely a different approach. The strategy is unique to each, which is a great thing. Both do have the same end goal, which is to cut through to consumers, remain culturally relevant and offer a different experience. The larger FMCG businesses often have traditional models, where the independent brands can move fast and can be more agile. In general, more risks can be taken by the independents as disruption is needed to get noticed and compete against larger budgets. Global FMCG businesses usually have a history you can leverage but with that comes a safe-guarding of the brand and internal processes that have to be managed. These idiosyncrasy are just some of the reasons why there’s a different approach to consumer branding from global FMCG businesses and independent brands. 

What emerging trends or categories are you currently following, and why? 

An area that I believe will keep accelerating is personalisation particularly through subscription services. With more data, brands have the ability to target specific consumer groups and provide added value to their consumers. Technology is providing people with both convenience and small moments of everyday luxury.